Christmas Porch

Happy December! Can you believe it’s December 5th?!? Twenty more days til’ Christmas! If you are like most people, hearing there’s only 20 more days left might have you frantically in your mind going over what you have left to get done before Christmas. The last year or two I have let myself get stressed … More Christmas Porch

Be You

Ever look at somebody else and think to yourself, “Why can’t I be more like them?” Maybe you are a little more shy and reserved and ask yourself, “Why can’t I be more outgoing?” Maybe you have curly hair and wish it was straight. Or maybe you wish you had somebody else’s life. You wish … More Be You

Table Top Re-purposed

Happy November! Hope you all had wonderful Halloweens. Ours was celebrated with snow (which made it feel more like Christmas rather than Halloween), a Halloween School Party complete with all the “Halloween elementary school party things”, the movie Hocus Pocus, costumes, chili and cinnamon rolls, and candy…. lots of candy. We spent less time trick … More Table Top Re-purposed

Painted Books

Over the years I have collected old books, whether I find them at garage sales or the thrift store, I bring them home and usually find a place for them somewhere. I’ve always seen pictures of book covers painted and finally decided to try it out for myself. These were some of my old books … More Painted Books