Impressive Gift Idea

I am the type of person who DESPISES getting gift cards for people for their Birthday, Anniversary, Mother and Father’s Day, Christmas, Hanukah, Chanukah, National Fruitcake Day,etc..(Yes, that really is a holiday.)  I just think it’s absolutely no fun.  I would rather iron 27 of Matt’s shirts than get a gift card for someone.

But I do make exceptions…at times….because now I have 2 girls who make browsing aisles and the internet a little more tough. Also, my husband, Matt is an exception.  Matt is about the pickiest man/person when it comes to clothing.  I once picked him out what I thought was a pretty good outfit….. nice pair of shorts, nice polo, some sandals.  In the past I haven’t had much luck so I really took my time picking this out so I knew it was going to be a slam dunk.  It was more like a total air-ball. Within 5 minutes of opening the present he went back to the store and exchanged EVERYTHING…..EVERYTHING!!  GRRRRRR.  So, on occasion, I may get him a gift card.

Our 5 year anniversary was a couple months ago and my Mom made us the neatest gift:

home design 031

home design 026

Told you it was neat! She’s a pretty crafty lady.  She used a canvas and then just put letters that you would put in a scrapbook on it.  I LOVE this idea.  It’s kind of like an “overview” of our life.  It makes a great Anniversary gift! She didn’t put anything over it but you could always try to mod-podge over it to make sure the letters stay put (but I haven’t had any issues with mine yet).  Some other ideas I’ve thought of are:

* If somebody had a newborn- could put their name, when & where they were born, the time, hospital, weight, parents’ and siblings’ names, etc.

*Bible Verses

*Inspirational Quotes

*Cute Things Your Little One Says ( I know my 3 year old has a lot of hilarious things she says on a daily basis)

You can also find tons of different colored lettering to make it match a room.

The possibilities are endless!  Way better than a gift card!


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