Fireplace Mantle Makeover: Drab to Fab

I have a love-hate relationship with my fireplace. I love the warm, snuggly feeling it gives me during Winter. I like to decorate it for Halloween and Christmas. I like it on cold mornings and nights. But, for some reason I have had an issue with decorating the mantle for 4 years now.  Our big tv is right above it (that’s another thing I don’t like but can’t change) and I have never liked how it was decorated. See for yourself(try to ignore the big face on the tv):

home design 064

See what I mean…. yuck.

home design 066

The picture frame is an electric one that you upload photos to and it will play them all.  As  you can see, it’s not turned on……… It’s been like that for the last couple months……..ok maybe like the last 6 months. I really like the lamp, but as you can see it is not turned on.

home design 067

For some reason this REALLY bugs me. It pains me to see the cords but I have never figured out what I could put in front of it.  The tv is so low that it doesn’t leave me much options.  The only thing I could think of in the past was those string of fake leaves but I passed on that.

So, today I set out on an ambition to bring my fireplace from drab to fab.  Here is the end result:

home design 077

Much better, don’t  you think?!

home design 078

I already had everything so this was a cheap project!

home design 070

Turned on the lamp (a real brain thinker , huh?) I added an old picture frame from my late Grandma.  My mom gave me the bird jar just recently and I think I found its new home.

home design 071

I like how the branches add a rustic feel and best of all they cover my cords!  Yay Yay Yay!

home design 072

Added a pretty candle my mom just gave to me.

home design 082

I just love it!


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