Old Wooden Frame Re-purposed

Yawn. I jinxed myself. Last night I was proudly explaining to my husband how awesome our 9mth old, Aubree, was sleeping through the night and that it was just so great.  But last night was not one of those nights.  If you’re a mom with a little one you know how precious sleep is. And the sound you absolutely do not want to hear when you are almost in a beautiful, deep slumber is the crying of your little one. But unfortunately I heard it right as I was closing my eyes. So I got up with her from mid-night to 1:00a.m.  And then again from 2:00 to 3:00 a.m.  And then again at 6:48 this morning (yes I remembered the exact time, because I was not  a happy camper when she woke up that early).  Are you thinking, “Where’s the frame”?  “What did she re-purpose”? “I didn’t click on this to hear her rant about her sleepless night”. Well, this is just a fore-warning, if my post doesn’t make sense it is because I am sleep-deprived, just letting ya know.

I found this old frame in an old church in the middle of the country back in Nebraska. I love exploring old places because you just never know what you may find. I once found a box full of money in an old house, hundreds and hundreds of dollars………. ok, not really but that would be pretty neat.  Mostly what I find are things like this, things I like to re-purpose:

home design 001

This frame was in pretty good condition. I used Gorilla Wood Glue to glue a few parts that were coming loose.  I washed it down with warm, soapy water and sanded it until it was smooth. I decided not to stain or paint it because I liked the natural color of the wood. This is what I did with it:

home design 062

These are some of the main tools I used.  Tape, electrical wire, small clips, and hammer-sawtooth hangers.

home design 003

I wanted to be able to hang it up on the wall so I used these little Hammer-Sawtooth Hangers. I made a nice straight line with the help of a level and hammered them in. These little guys are great.

home design 006

I then measured 2 inches down and made a little mark on each side of the frame so that the wire would be hung straight across.

home design 008

I strung the little clips on the wire and taped & stapled the wire on the back of the frame to the marks I made on the wood. (I tried to just use tape but that did not hold, so you’ll probably definitely need to staple them in. Or if you had thumbtacks, that might work too.)

home design 010

Here she is, ready to be hung up.

home design 024

I had a few random pictures that I put up to give you the idea of what it would look like.  We just had family pictures done so I am anxiously waiting for my pictures to come in so I can hang them all up!

home design 026

This was all done for under $10.00!  I love how I can change out the pictures at anytime.  It would also be a great place to display art-work and school-work done by your little ones!  You could use it as a motivator board, use clothespins instead of clips, use it in the laundry room to hang up socks without a match, etc. Use your imagination!  I would love to see other variations of it!


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