Distressed Turquoise Headboard

This was my first big project.  After many, many hours of painting, more painting, sanding, staining, sanding, stripping a large section(didn’t turn out how I wanted it to), painting, more painting, sanding, staining, and finally putting 2 coats of the final protective spray on it was done!!  Whew! This piece took me about a month to finish but you must also keep in mind I have 2 hooligans running around.  So if you have older kids or no kids, it would probably take you way less time.  The time it took me to do it was totally worth it.  It is in our guest room in our basement and really brightens the room up.  Take a looksy!




While oak is definitely not my favorite kind of wood (sorry Dad) I do appreciate all of the detail in this piece. Drumroll please>^>^>^>^>^>^>^>^>^>(try to make the sound of a drumroll with your voice…….it’s hard)

home design 001

Here she is folks.  I had the flash on so it really shows all of the destruction and stain that I did.  I was going for somewhat of a distressed look.  I didn’t want it to look totally beat up but I wanted it to look kind of beat up; like it had been moved a handful of times and got dinged up along the way.

home design 006

Here’s one without the flash. This one is more true to what it looks like in real-life. And don’t mind the mismatched sheets and bedspread…..this is what I had in there before but I will be changing it very soon.

home design 030

home design 028

Here are the two sides of the headboard closer up.

home design 029

This shows a closer view of the destruction I did.

home design 036

I love turquoise and I love this headboard!

Will post more pictures of this guest room when it is finished!

I’m currently working on another turquoise project…..stay tuned to see it soon!


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