Do it Yourself Photo Canvas

I think when you have kids your brain activity gets smaller and smaller and smaller as the years go on.  I think my brain sometimes has “activity overload” and it eventually just shuts down.

Matt called me last night and told me he accidentally took both of our girl’s car seats with him……4 1/2 hours away and he wont be home for 4 days. I think Matt’s brain also has “activity overload” or maybe just “being a man overload”.  So I fretted and worried and texted and called people trying to find a car seat for my daughter Aubree; luckily I already had an extra one for Jayde.  So, this afternoon I was still having no luck and I needed to take Jayde to Dance Class and get some items at the store.  Finally I found somebody who had an extra one.  A couple minutes later I  walked into Aubree’s room to get the diaper bag and noticed her car seat was sitting almost right smack dab in the middle of her room.  I had gone in there 20+ times over the 18 hrs I found out he took the car seats and didn’t notice it once.  Like I said….”Activity Overload”.

Here is the photo canvases I made:

home design 059

Pretty neat, huh? And SUPER easy!

I bought the canvases at Wal-Mart, I believe they were $7ish dollars for a pack of 2.

I also had the prints done at Wal-Mart and they were around $5 a print.

The other 2 tools you’ll need are fine sand paper, a paintbrush and Mod-Podge.

All I did was put Mod-podge on the canvas with a paint brush.  I then laid the photo on it making sure it was straight.  I then added 2 coats of Mod-podge on top, letting the first coat dry before putting on the second. Even though the prints and the canvas were supposedly the same size, the prints were a tad bit larger than the canvas so I sanded the sides to make it even with the canvas board.! And that’s it!

I paid $34.00 for these four canvases.  If I would of ordered them from somewhere each one would’ve been close to $34.00.

Saving money makes me happy!


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