Table Re-Done

Last night at Supper I got up 12 times to get things for my girls within a 20 minute period.  Yes, I counted.  And yes, I was frustrated.  You know what I would love?  A meal where I could sit down for the entire length of “meal time” and not have baby food all over my clothes.  Aubree has recently learned to spit her baby food all over and she thinks it’s hilarious…. I kind of do too actually. I guess Aubree is not the only one who should wear a bib.

So being frustrated and tired I gave the girls their baths, put on their pj’s, looked at my messy house and sighed out loud.  Toys & dishes everywhere, groceries still waiting to be put away, laundry strewn all over the couch was what my eyes saw.  And so I sat on the couch and had a few beers.

Think I’m joking????

Ok, I am. I would never do that.

I hate beer.

So I gave Aubree her bottle and as I was rocking her, her little eyes slowly closed, her small body relaxed, her breathing became rhythmic and as I looked at her, the messy house, toys, dishes, & groceries didn’t matter anymore.

Until I put her in her crib and got up. Then I cleaned up.

Ok, so onto the real reason for this post.  This is my ABSOLUTE favorite project I’ve done so far.  I love love love love love love it.

I got this old table from my mother and father in-law.  Matt’s dad, Jeff, had bought it at a garage sale for $5.00. It is actually an old sewing table. The top opens up, and the drawer on the front swings out.  They gave it to me a couple weeks ago when we were visiting them and I just couldn’t wait to transform it into something marvelous.

Here he is before:



I love the design of this piece.

So, I cleaned him up, took all the hardware off, including the top and the drawer.

I sanded the top with fine sand paper and then stained it 3 times, waiting for it to dry each time in-between.  After a couple days I sprayed it with a polycrylic finish.  This helps protect the wood from scratches, water stains, etc.

For the bottom part of him, I gave him 2 coats of primer.  I then put on 4 coats of red paint, again waiting for it to dry each time in-between.  And yes, I really said 4.  Whenever you paint with the color red just always know you’ll have to put quite a few coats on.

And here is how he turned out!:

Side Table 003

I am in love.

Side Table 008

I am a big fan of the stained top with the red body.

Side Table 020

Side Table 026

Side Table 024

Some time, paint, and patience is all it takes to turn something old into something beautiful!


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