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Monogramed Burlap Coasters

Kids are funny. Real Funny.

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch chewing on a piece of gum and Jayde, out of nowhere, starts singing, “It’s ok to give me a piece of gum, it’s really ok to give me a piece of gum, I really want a piece of gum, it’s ok to give me a piece of gum” over and over and over.

Then she says, “Mom, if you give me a piece of gum, I’ll give you a cricket. I’ll really give you a cricket Mom if you give me a piece of gum. I really will Mom, I really really will give you a cricket.” (Jayde loves crickets….and grasshoppers…weird I know).

Then she tries something new, “Mom, I’ll give you a dollar if you give me a piece of gum. Mom, do you hear me? I’ll give you a dollar! I really will give you a dollar!”

She says this about 5 times then I finally say, “Ok Jayde, give me a dollar and I’ll give you a piece of gum.”  So she reaches in her underwear and says, “Mom, I don’t have any more dollars….can you just give me a dollar?”

Now how can I not give her a piece of gum after that?

So I gave her a piece of gum……and she swallowed it.

I have to admit….we are non-coaster users in our house. I have tried to use them, I really have. But, I have just never liked the style of any we’ve had in the past so for the last 4 years our coasters have been sitting in the bottom of our junk drawer collecting dust and other particles floating around in there.

I was browsing the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store last week and nothing was really catching my eye until I saw these for $.50c each:


I liked how the edges were raised (more hard for drinks to be spilled)


But I was not digging the dried flowers & leaves, as well as the color

So I gave the coasters a major overhaul

I first removed the blue backing and the dried plants.

I spray painted the edges white, cut burlap circles to fit inside the glass frames, & stenciled a black “B” for our last name onto the burlap.

Introducing the new, improved Coasters ^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!^!




I love the vintage feel to it.

And I definitely think I will be a coaster-user now.

And if I fall off the wagon………..at least they look cute!

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