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Apple Tree Decor

Matt and I went to our first KU Jayhawk basketball game together last week in Lawrence, KS and I loved every second of it.

There is so much tradition, history & pride regarding KU basketball.

You can literally feel it when you walk into the Allen Fieldhouse. The energy is captivating, intoxicating and easily contagious.

I teared up when they announced the starting lineup for KU.

Yes, I am sensitive and can easily cry…..but for someone who has only watched a handful of KU games on tv in their lifetime….you have to admit that’s pretty telling of the environment there.

While we were in Lawrence I visited a shop called, “M Street Interiors”.

Here is their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MStreetInteriors

The shop is absolutely beautiful and filled with beautiful things. I could’ve spent hours in there if I wouldn’t of been on a time limit. If you live close to Lawrence or are ever there I definitely suggest you check it out.

While I was there I found these adorable “apple trees”. That was my inspiration for this project.

This is what you need:


Spanish Moss, Cone-shaped Foam, Fake Apples, a Urn, & a Hot Glue Gun


Put a generous amount of glue onto the bottom of your apple


Place it on the foam, hold it for 5-10 seconds so it sets

I started in the middle of my foam piece and worked around that. It’s kind of like a puzzle trying to figure out where to put the apples.


I bought this urn from Hobby lobby for $3.50. Fill it with Spanish moss.


Here is the finished product! As you can see there are some open spots. I don’t mind them but if it bugs you, you can fill the spots with Spanish moss or some other type of filler.



I’m already trying to figure out where I can put more of these “apple trees”!

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