Chalkboard Entry Frame

I’ve been slowly working on sprucing up my entryway. It has come a long way from a few months ago but I still have a lot more I’d like to do with it. I actually don’t know if it will ever be “finished”.  Nothing in my house really ever is because I like change. Our rooms are smaller in our house and the way it’s laid out I really can’t move furniture around so I replace my need to change things with diy décor.

I found this frame at a garage sale for 50 cents


The frame was nice and the picture was….well…..not my style I’ll say

So I spruced it up

I first stained it a darker color and then painted 1 coat of grey paint over that. I scraped the paint off of sections of the frame because I wanted the dark wood to come through.

I removed the picture and painted the glass with 4 coats of chalkboard paint sanding between 2 of the coats.


I have to wait 3 days to prime it with chalk (rubbing all over it with the side of a piece of chalk) so I can’t write on it yet. And I’m not the most patient human being so it’s taking everything I’ve got to not prime and write on it right this instant……..sigh.


I like how the dark wood shows through on parts of it


Still lots of things I want to do to this area but I have to remind myself one thing at a time.

And I’m already thinking of fun things to write on the board….only 3 more days til’ I can. Good thing we have Aubree’s birthday Celebration this weekend or else I’d pry give in and say the heck with it and write on it anyways.

Let me know what you think! Would love to hear any comments you have!


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