PolkaDotted-Chevron-Twined Christmas Tree

I have heard the news that we may be getting  a Hobby Lobby in our town.


I am beyond excited.

I am beyond being super excited.

I don’t even have words to describe how excited I am.

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places to shop.

This might not be so good for our checking account but it will be great for all my projects and ideas I have. 🙂

 PolkaDotted-Chevron-Twined Christmas Tree

Here is what you’ll need:


Fabric, Chevron printed Burlap, Twine, Hot Glue Gun, & a Foam Cone(not pictured) (Ignore the giraffe looking knob. I was going to put it on top of the Tree but it didn’t look right)


I worked my way from the bottom up. Use the hot glue gun to apply your pieces. I overlapped them slightly.



Here’s a close up.


You could seriously do so many different variations of this!


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