Valentine’s Day Mantle

I have been slacking on putting up posts the last 2 weeks.

The reasons: A. I was sick all last week. B. My husband and I are leaving for sunny Las Vegas in 2 days so the last few days have been spent getting bills paid, work done, packing, etc. I always get really stressed out right before a long trip because it seems like there’s so much to do before you go.

I have never been to Las Vegas and am PUMPED to go! I cannot wait!

I thought I would share my Valentine’s Day Mantle with you all before I left:


My mantle is pretty simple but I had fun decorating it. The bulbs and sparkly branches were actually from Christmas but as I was taking it down I thought to myself it would still look good up there for Valentine’s Day so I left it.




I cut paper hearts out of scrapbook paper and used tape to adhere it to a white ribbon.


I used a needle to thread white pom poms. Our Wal-mart was out of red and pink pom poms so only white for this year.


Hope you all have a great rest of your week!




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