Urban Decay Naked Eye-Shadow Palettes

I’ve been debating about whether to add a “Beauty” section to my blog. I want the focus to be on my home but I also have a passion for anything girly: makeup, hair products, skin care products, etc. and I  use a lot of them. Sephora and me have a love/hate relationship. LOVE it for the products but HATE it for the $$$ I spend!

I feel I am pretty knowledgeable about this kind of stuff and so I wanted to share with you my tips, favorite products, how to use certain products, etc.

So, therefore I will start posting about beauty topics as well. Whether it’s a lipstick color I love, a product review on a skin care product,  or what type of brush you should use for your hair…..I will be putting it on here!

I hope you will all enjoy this new “Beauty” topic on my Blog as much as I will!


I LOVE the Urban Decay Naked Eye-shadow Palettes. Obviously I love them because I own all 3 🙂

So, what’s so great about them?

First off, they have great pigment. What you see in the case is what you’re going to see when you put it on.

Second off, the colors are so pretty and literally could work on anybody.

Third off, I think the packaging is great. You get 2 good quality brushes with the palette and it has a large mirror on the top side of the case.


This is the 1st Urban Decay Naked Palette. This one has some pinks, browns, purples, blues and golds. The Half Baked color is my favorite (as you can see it is all gone!). I use this one the least out of any of my palettes.


This is the 2nd Urban Decay Naked Palette. This has more cream colors, golds, coppers, greys, a purple-grey color and a nice sparkly black shade. I use this palette a lot. I personally love the Chopper shade which is the fourth one from the left. It is a beautiful, sparkly copper color that will make your blue or green eyes pop!


This is the 3rd Urban Decay Naked Palette which just came out not too long ago and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It has a lot of Rose hues in it. Trick is the 6th shade over from the left and it is beautiful. It’s a beautiful copper shade and is just gorgeous on. I love copper colors on my eyes so I tend to go for more the warmer shades which is why I love this palette so much.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these palettes! I give them an A+!





3 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Eye-Shadow Palettes

  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been hearing a lot about these palettes and how2 great they are! I like that you posted and image of all three. Its easier to see what palette that best suites me. I love copper colors as well for eyeshadow. Great post!


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