Hair Bow Frame Organizer

Hair bows are like binkies and socks in our household.

Somehow they just seem to disappear overnight.

Is anyone else with little girls with me on this one?

I have a plastic little bin that I just kind of threw all their hair bows in but I found a much cuter way to organize them.

Spring2014#3 009

Cuter than a plastic bin right?

And all you need is a frame, paint, ribbon and a staple gun.

*Note* Some frames aren’t put together well enough to withhold staples being pounded into them (I learned this the hard way) so another idea I had was to use a hot glue gun.  I’m not sure if it will hold good enough but when I try it I will let you all know!

Spring2014#3 013

And I’ve found that since the bows are all out and easy to see I can find which one I want easier.

Spring2014#3 003

You can attach cute flowers, burlap bows, etc. using a hot glue gun to spice up the frame.

I want to give a shout out to all the people affected by the storms and tornadoes the last few days. I can’t imagine what you all are going through. Praying for you all.

Have a blessed day!




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