Mirror: From Oak to Fab

If you ever have a chance to go to Estes Park, CO, GO!

We just spent 4 nights, 5 days in the picturesque little town and they were the most relaxing, fun filled days I’ve had in a long time.

The weather is cooler, the pace a little slower, and mountains surround the town jutting up from the ground sprouting all the way up into the sky. We stayed in an adorable cabin right by a creek where Jayde and Aubree loved throwing rocks into. The sound of the creek at night was the most peaceful sound I’ve heard.

Rafting was my favorite activity we did although the drive to the Colorado River that took us up over the mountains and down the other side was a tad scary. Ok, it was definitely a little more than a tad’ scary. Your mind definitely goes to, “what if we plummeted 20,000 feet to our death”. A few feet and your off the side of the mountain. My Dad said his hand print is more than likely im-printed into the side of the passenger side door.

A lot of ice-cream eating took place, pretty much every night. Shopping, golfing, hiking, eating, and relaxing were all on the menu.

Jayde and Aubree’s favorite part was definitely going to Build a Bear in Loveland. Grandma Kerry is pretty great and got them Puppys with outfits and shoes. If you haven’t taken your child to Build a Bear I definitely recommend it! Jayde named the puppies Wallah and Shawda. ?????????????? Lol, don’t know where she got those names from but nonetheless those are the puppies names.

Overall it was an amazing trip and I am so thankful that we were able to go. Lots of memories were made…a lot of good memories. Thank you MOM and DAD for taking all of us on an amazing trip!!!

Now that we are back I need to get back into the mind set of every day life. I have a lot of projects that are going to keep me busy the next 2 months and can’t wait to start sharing them all with you.

Now if you ask my Dad oak should be in every house every where.

And painting oak is a sin. Literally…. a sin.

While I don’t mind a little bit of oak, I certainly am not afraid to paint it. Sorry Dad. 🙂


I found this big, oak mirror at a garage sale for $10!

I sanded it down using a medium grit sandpaper.

I put a couple coats of my home-made chalk paint on.

I then sanded it again on the places where I wanted it to be distressed and stained some of those places with a dark color.

I didn’t put a finishing coat on it. Sometimes pieces that aren’t going to touched a lot don’t need a protective coat on them. And also, if you know you might want to re-paint the piece in the future leaving a protective coat off will make it a whole lot easier to re-paint.

Here is the after:


What a difference, huh?!


A closer look at the distressing. We hung it up in our basement stairwell and it looks great, I will share pictures of that space when it is all done!

Hope you all have a great day and thanks for stopping by!




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