Adding some Curb Appeal to Our House: Shutters

You know those projects that you want to do and you do it and it turns out exactly how you envisioned?

And then you know those projects you do and they turn out nothing like you envisioned?

I wish everything I did turned out exactly how I want but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

We just moved into a new house about a month ago and we are slowly working on giving it some more curb appeal. There’s no landscaping yet…. we are hoping to have that done in the next month or two but know we will be pushing it. I am just crossing my fingers we can at least get grass in before Winter but know that might not happen as well. So in the mean time we are working on other projects we can do to liven up our front of our house.

The first thing I knew I wanted for the house was shutters. There are so many different options… wood, plastic, tons of different styles, painted, not painted, etc.

I ended up ordering wood board n batten shutters from Home Depot. Here is what they looked like when they came in:


I LOVE stained wood shutters so that’s what I wanted to do for our house.

So I stained them:


So pretty. I absolutely love how these look. Like really really love. I really love them. The problem? After getting them put up on our house I did not really really love how they looked against our navy blue color and our red brick on the bottom of our house. So I then got a ladder and re-stained all of them a red sedona color. Much better but I still didn’t really really love it.

They were up for a few days and although I didn’t want to give in because I love stained shutters so much I got out my paintbrush and my exterior white paint last night and painted them.  4 coats later they were done.

And now…. I really really love the shutters painted white (although I’m still secretly wishing I could’ve left them stained).

Before (try not to look at our ugly landscaping…. or lack thereof):

043 038



030 033

035 037 040

So now that project finally has a check-mark by it and I am on to the next one!


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